Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti-aging home skin care treatments continue to remain steady with the latest advances with the latest innovative technology. Now you can get the same skin glowing results from home as you would from a plastic surgeon or medical spa. The same exclusive skin care tools and strategies used by medical professionals are now available to reverse the signs of aging and treat a variety of skin conditions to produce optimal results.

Indulge In A Chocolate Facial & Body Wrap

Finally a chocolate face mask and entire body wrap secret that is going to nourish and beautify your skin that you can retreat and indulge in from home.

·      1/3 cup cocoa
·      1/4 cup honey
·      2 tablespoons heavy cream, or sour cream
·      3 tablespoons oatmeal powder

1.   Using a small bowl and spoon or spatula, mix all ingredients until well        combined.
2.   Apply immediately on face and or body using a clean brush or fingers.
3.   Gently massage into skin.
4.   Lay down, and leave on skin for 15-20 minutes.
5.   Rinse off with lukewarm water.
If you don't have oatmeal powder, simply use Old Fashioned Oats and pulse in a food processor, blender or Magic Bullet until if becomes powder If you want to use a brush, but don't want to hunt down a facial fan brush, I picked up a basting brush at WalMart that worked perfectly! This face mask cannot be made ahead and stored. I put some in the refrigerator for several days and I could not get it to thin out enough to use. So I recommend mixing when ready to use for best results.

Recent studies link Chocolate to a wealth of health benefits. Chocolate in its purest is by far the colossal of antioxidants, far exceeding the pomegranate, blueberry or even red wine.
Paris salons are offering chocolate facials, wraps, and scrubs to people who want healthy-looking and wrinkle-free skin. The services aim to dispel once and for all the age-old myth that chocolate causes acne and other skin problems. The chocolate-based beauty treatments have been lauded by chocolate gourmets and chocoholics alike who welcome the quick cocoa fix designed to satisfy the senses.

Anti Cellulite wraps with fango and chocolate are recommended to people who want to reshape their body, beautifully and without any trace of stretch marks. Thanks to emollient properties of almond oil, these wraps are an excellent treatment for dry skin, balancing the skin's moisture, leaving it smooth and soft. In chocolate wrap composition may be 100% natural chocolate, cocoa and almond oil, silicon and theobromine. Its active ingredients have antioxidant proprieties - contains polyphenols and vitamin E, with skin hydration, softening and regeneration role.