Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti-aging home skin care treatments continue to remain steady with the latest advances with the latest innovative technology. Now you can get the same skin glowing results from home as you would from a plastic surgeon or medical spa. The same exclusive skin care tools and strategies used by medical professionals are now available to reverse the signs of aging and treat a variety of skin conditions to produce optimal results.

DIY Reverse The Signs Of Aging

It is extremely important to keep in mind the skin is the most significant vital organ in the human body. The skin shields us from the environmental conditions and enables us control of our body temperature,  fluid and electrolyte balance. The skin is also made up of neurological receptors which enable us to experience sensations such as touch, pain and pressure. As we grow older and age our skin experiences many lifestyle changes. The first noticeable and most apparent physical appearance of the signs of age might include fine lines. There are numerous transformations in skin are associated with environmental elements, genetic makeup and nutrition. The largest and most significant culprit of aging skin is sun exposure. This is often noticed by comparing parts of your body which have regular sun exposure with areas that are protected from sunlight .

Non-Surgical Treatments 
We all know plastic surgery can certainly set you back a fortune together and also bears safety and health risks . Over time new technologies and scientific studies in anti-aging skin care has advanced considerablyWe now have accumulated resources and products of the latest anti-aging tools available for home use recommended by top ranked seasoned practitioners.  The same anti-aging skin care tool used in medical spas and clinics are now available for home use to save you money  and to keep facial skin and body looking healthy and vibrant greatly reduce the signs and appearance of aging skin.

DermaGen Anti-Wrinkle Patches

DermaGen Anti-Wrinkle Patches are clearly a remarkable breakthrough in anti-aging natural skin care technology. Formulated in Norway, the anti-wrinkle patch fillers consist of Hydrocolloid, an active chemical compound commonly known to diminish and flatten raised scar areas from wounds or burns. The self adhesive patches temporarily plump the facial skin after application. The anti-aging patches must be applied to thoroughly clean skin. The skin patches are pre-cut to concentrate on the problem zones on the face. The three most common regions of the face are the crow's feet, forehead and lines in-between the brows ( glabella ). The patches may be reused 2-3 times if slightly damped them with water with reapplication. 

The anti-wrinkle patches should be worn for a couple of hours or can be worn at night for optimum results. Upon the first use you will notice a significant difference immediately, a noticeable reduction in lines and wrinkles and lines. Some agree to have the identical yet improved results as compared to botox injections with regular use. Botox injections to treat the 3 common zones can cost up to $1000.

Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Portable Machine
Microdermabrasion services were once only obtainable in skin care treatment centers or administered by plastic surgeons . Microdermabrasion is yet another preferred non-surgical skin care treatment for anti-aging skin. A Microdermabrasion skin care treatment includes and utilizes microscopic coarse grains to polish away the surface layer of skin for a smoother appearance. Microdermabrasion is helpful in the management of common skin conditions ranging from wrinkles, acne scarring to sun damage as well as more severe disorders such as melasma and hyperpigmentation. 

Considering the fact that the human surface epidermis normally regenerates by itself every 30 days, Microdermabrasion must be performed on a consistent basis or in weekly sessions if you desire to record significant improvement on the skin. Microdermabrasion generally cost in the neighborhood of $75 and $200 for one treatment.

Galvanic High Frequency Machine
Galvanic High Frequency Devices were once commonly used by medical spa technicians to sculpt and firm the skin as a part of anti-aging treatments using high frequency sound. Galvanic frequency devices have been implemented since the 1980s for cosmetic purposes by plastic surgeons. High Frequency Cosmetic Devices employ a radio frequency between three and thirty megahertz. High frequency skin treatments are an effective as a kick-start to the skin revitalization process, increasing the circulation of blood, collagen and elastin production. 

This treatments is highly effective for eliminating bacteria bacteria from the skin stream. In consideration that the level of popularity and advancement in dramatic results, high frequency galvanic machines are now readily available to the public for use at home to treat common anti-aging concern. A typical treatment can cost 100 .00 and up.

BBL Light Therapy
BBL Photo Illumination therapy anti-aging skin care with UV-free collagen fluorescent lamps are the latest cost effective treatment and revitalizing alternative to popular invasive procedures in anti-aging , such as plastic surgery and laser treatments. Implementing modern technology engineered by NASA, a number of industry experts together with dermatological specialists validate the fact that infrared light therapy ( or phototherapy ) tightens skins and naturally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

The anti-aging impact derives from increased collagen adding volume to the skin and extra elastin firming and in result toning the skin. Though one treatment can produce noticeable results, the majority of men and women may need as much as five treatments, which is often spaced from two weeks to one month apart to reach the most desirable benefits of the BBL Phototherapy treatment. Light Therapy ( average spa cost : $1 ,000 for eight sessions ).

Supersonic Skin Scrubber
Exfoliate dead skin cells for clear and glowing skin without inflammation and discomfort which can occasionally result from Microdermabrasion or AHA peels. Supersonic skin scrubbers are widely used by most beauticians and medical professionals in conjunction with numerous anti-aging instruments.  After extended time of trailing this treatment is certain to guarantee a remarkable impact on anti-aging skin care. 

The blade or spatula on this device is a stainless steel blade that oscillates ( as does the Clarisonic Brush head ) and glides over the skin. The flat side can be moved over a cream or serum to help it penetrate. It shifts electric vibration with 28000 times per second to mechanical vibration with thousands upon thousands of times per second. Penetration effect of ultrasonic gives skin massaging as well as cleansing. In the meantime , deep skin cells get excited and regenerate. This treatment effectively eliminate spots, wrinkles, pimples and the horniness layer and residues in pores to ensure that your skin looks refined and soften. A skin scrubbing treatment will likely generally cost between 75 .00 - 100 .00 

Dermal Needling

Facial dermal needling also known as skin rolling has been proven to to increase circulation and promote new collagen in anti-aging skin. Dermal needling works your skin to initiate a repair process within the skin's deepest layers inside out. Tiny needles are used to penetrate the top layer of the skin (epidermis) and produce numerous growth factors in the deeper layer of the skin (dermis) to improve skin condition. 

Over time the results are phenomenal with no to minimal down time. In In anti-aging skin care of so many high profile modalities, such as lasers and other micro-injury techniques that can deliver less than optimal results, dermal needling is providing, in many cases, equal or better results with less cost and effort. A session of dermal needling can cost 100.00 and up.